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   Household Insecticides, Disinfection Services & Disinfectants, Fumigation Machines

  • Complete Range of household insecticide,Termite, Pest & Insect control spray Chemicals & Services.

    Mosquito Spray
    Dengue Spray
    Cleaning Disinfectant
    House Disinfection Services
    Surface Disinfection Services
    Instruments Disinfectants
    Patient Room Disinfection
    Rodent Control(Rat Killing)
    Cockroach Control Gel
    Cockroach Killing Products
    Bedbugs Spray Products
    Lizard Killing Products
    Ants Spray Services
    Ticks spray Services
    Cat Fleas Spray Services
    Gutter Insect Killing Products
    Bedbugs Control Spray Services
    Flying Insect Killing Products
    Crawling Insect Killing Products 
    Mite Spray Services(Pissu)
    Snake Repelling Spray Services 
    Wood Borer Insect Spray Services
    Spider Killing Products
    termite killing Spray Products 
    All purpose Insect Killing Products
    Soil Insects Killing Services 
    Snake Killing Chemical
    Insect killing Powder
    Snake control Granules
    Rat repellent Products

  • High Performance Thermal Foggers

  • Spray Pumps

  • Knapsack Powers Sprayers (Fuel operated)

  • Hand operated (semi â EURO " automatic) Knapsack sprayers

  • Fully automatic Pre Compression

  • Sprayman Uniform (Kit)

    Cold Fogging Machies

  • Heavy duty Spray pumps

  • Powder Dusters

  • Automatic/Manual Nozzles

  • Fueling components

  • Insect Killing Aerosols

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